is this trip for me?

Is this trip for me?

We want you to feel 100% comfortable, which is why we already honestly answered the most important questions you might have.

Am I too young/old for this trip?

  • Most of our guests are between 25 - 40 years old, but we also have younger or older guests on site, that is no exception. 

  • Often there is a really good mix that creates friendships that last beyond the retreat week, regardless of age. 

  • As long as you are at least 18 years old, you are very welcome, there are no upper limits. If you are younger but accompanied by parents, please send us an individual request.

Do I need previous surf experience?

  • No. 40% - 50% of our guests are surf beginners. We only have experienced and internationally licensed surf coaches who adapt our specially developed Surf Spirit Coaching Concept to your personal surf level in order to increase it with you. As long as you can swim, you can surf with us. 

  • We always teach in a sheltered bay with smooth waves running on a sandy bottom. You will feel safe at all times due to these conditions and will be able to celebrate success quickly. 

I am an intermediate surfer, are your retreats for me?

  • Yes, absolutely. All of our coaches are good surfers themselves and have a long time experience in coaching. Through our specially developed coaching concept they will give you analytical feedback in theory and practice. Among other things, we place great emphasis on refining your technique and expanding your manoeuvres. 

  • Our video analysis is a great tool especially for intermediates to improve their surfing. 

  • In addition to surf coaching, our surf guiding is available for Intermediate & Advanced surfer as a free service. (Available in the Jungle Villa & Villa Andalucia)

  • Board rental to go surfing on your own is part of every package we offer.

  • On our Surf Spirit Island in the Mentawais, we accommodate Level 3 and Level 4 surfers only. Those indonesian waves are the best ones in the world and this trip has the absolute potential to become the classic trip of a lifetime. If you have a partner who is not interested in surfing and just wants to enjoy a private island is of course welcome there as well.

Our Locations incl. Surf Levels

  • Jungle Villa Sri Lanka (Level 1- Level 4)

  • Beach Lodge Sri Lanka (Level 1 - Level 4)

  • Villa Andalucia Spain (Level 1 - Level 4)

  • Private Island Mentawai (Level 3 - Level 4)

What traveler type are your trips for?

  • Our locations welcome every guest immediately in a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. Whether you are travelling alone, with your partner or as a group, our retreats are suitable for everyone. 

  • 50% of our guests are solo travellers. The majority of them are women. This way you meet like-minded people right from the start and share unforgettable experiences, which sometimes even form the basis for a lasting friendship.

  • Every guest is immediately part of the Surf Spirit family and enjoys a really good time in company. At the same time, our locations also offer enough space if you prefer to relax alone or as a couple. 

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