Get inspired by our world of surfing, yoga and cozy bonfire nights.

"Live, learn & love the Surf Spirit."

The surfers of this world have influenced a lifestyle that is characterised by passion, ease and pure joy.

For us it was, and still is, an affair of the heart to create a place, called Surf Spirit, where everyone can dive into this lifestyle for a whole week. Just be yourself, get inspired, enjoy new experiences, relax, live the moment and the Surf Spirit. According to the motto: live, learn, and love.

In our family run and lovingly designed villa and Cabanas, with a maximum of 18 guests on the spot, we are offering you an extensive range of surf, yoga and relaxation. It is very important to us that you feel comfortable and decide about the intensity of your sessions yourself. There are no obligations, so you can hang around the pool the whole day if that is what you want. The villa offers numerous small corners, which invite you to relax in private or community atmosphere.  

From cozy bonfires to relaxing BBQ-Nights - let us create moments together that we will never forget and feel pure life, for which we have too often too little time in our everyday life. We invite you to spend a week with us to feel the power of the waves while surfing, to arrive at ourselves with yoga and to celebrate the wonderful life on earth for which we came for.

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