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Get inspired by our world of surfing, yoga and cozy bonfire nights.

Enjoy new experiences, relax, live in the moment and experience the Surf Spirit.

The surfers of this world have influenced a lifestyle that is characterized by passion, ease, and pure joy. We invite you to a week of feeling the power of the waves while surfing, reconnecting with yourself during yoga, and celebrating this wonderful life with our amazing community.

For us it was, and still is, an affair of the heart to create places, called Surf Spirit, where everyone can dive into this lifestyle for a whole week or longer. We wanted to create venues where a community of like-minded people meets. In our qualitative Surf & Yoga concept, you can focus on relaxation, fitness, meditation, or the creation of new friendships.

In our family-run and lovingly designed retreats with a limited number of guests on-site, it is our top priority that you feel comfortable on-site and determine the intensity of your program yourself. We have no obligations. We offer you a supporting program from which you can choose what is personally good for you at the moment.

By the cozy bonfire let us create moments together that we will never forget and feel pure life, for which we have too often too little time in our everyday life.

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