Participate professional surf classes to reach a new level.

It is our great passion to teach surfing professionally but also in a relaxed manner and with a lot of fun. Our specifically  designed Surf Spirit Coaching concept aims to work as efficiently as possible on your individual level and skills, whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced surfer. In our surf lessons we impart basic knowledge about the ocean and all fundamental aspects of surfing. The surfing techniques are explained and shown in detail in theory. Your coach will support you in the water to implement the new tips optimally. We attach great importance to supporting you with individual, analytical feedback in the best possible way. Our surf coaching concept considers your level. We divide the coaching into the following surf levels: 

  • Level 1: Beginner 
  • Level 2: Experienced Beginner 
  • Level 3: Intermediate 
  • Level 4: Advanced

Check your exact level under “My Level”. Under "Coaching" you will find more information on how we will deal with your level. Based on this, we deal with the following topics, among others: Ocean knowledge, ocean safety, surf etiquette, understanding of the waves, types of surfboards, pop-up technique, pop-up timing, perfect paddle technique, surfing front- and backside, positioning in the water, behaviour in the line up, generating speed, buttom turn, top turn, cutback and much more. In addition to surf coaching, we also offer surf "Guiding" or a "Free Surf & Yoga Package" in some locations.

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BeginnerCoachingCoachingNot recommendedCoaching
Experienced BeginnerCoachingCoachingNot recommendedCoaching
IntermediateCoaching + GuidingFree SurfGuidingCoaching + Guiding
AdvancedCoaching + GuidingFree SurfGuidingCoaching + Guiding

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