Look forward to activating and relaxing yoga classes in each of our locations for an holistic experience staying with us.

Create your flow, slow down and connect to yourself

Yoga is the perfect counterpart to surfing. While surfing is quite action-packed, we go inward doing yoga. Even if we strengthen the body, it happens in a calm manner. Also physically it offers a great counterbalance to surfing. Stressed muscle groups are relaxed and coordination exercises can help you find the balance on the board.

  • Yoga and surfing are the two main pillars of the Surf Spirit concept.
  • International, professionally, licensed coaches with years of experience
  • 10 yoga lessons included with every package at every location
  • Styles vary depending on the teacher, but it is always:
  • Activating Yoga in the morning
  • Regenerative Yoga in the evening
  • Suited for all skill levels
  • Unique sessions, adjusted to your personal needs

Regardless of whether you have never done yoga, practice at home from time to time, or are a passionate yogi, our certified coach will take care of you, your body and your yoga level from scratch.

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