Enjoy 10 Yogasessions in our beautiful Yoga-Island Cabana.

"I am what I choose to become."

Doing yoga you will raise your body awareness, increase your flexibility and your mind gets calmer. Yoga offers an optimum balance for surfing. Tired muscles are going to relax and coordination exercises will help you to find your balance on the board. Our certified coach will focus on you, your body and your yoga-level. From beginners to advanced Yogis, each one can gain individual experience. As all our team members are going to have an open ear for you, we will support you perfectly.

A small bridge guides you over a river to our wonderful Yoga Island-Cabana. Our package includes 10 Yoga sessions. So you will start your day with a powerful Yoga session at sunrise and end it relaxed in the red light of the sunset. Our Yoga sessions will include guided meditations as well. Enjoy a 1 hour massage in our Massage-Cabana on top which is already included in your package. You can also order additional massages on the spot.

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