Our Story

We are Dana & Nils from Germany. We've spent a lot of time on the European coastlines with our close friends. Our crew is shaped by the passion for surfing, yoga, music and community. During our travels we have always experienced an incredible sense of freedom. This feeling has accompanied us throughout our adventures and discoveries. This exact feeling is what we wanted to share, making it accessible for everyone else.

„Idea to share our lifestyle“

We wanted to create a place where a community of like-minded people could meet. So we have developed a Surf & Yoga concept, in order to inspire our guests to get to experience our way of life and immerse even deeper into the Surf & Yoga world. At the end of the day, every guest should be able to take something away for themselves. The focus is on qualitative Surf & Yoga lessons. Furthermore, we define our experience in experiencing a feeling of affiliation, a feeling of togetherness, as well as an infectious desire for adventure or spiritual development. 

Spending several weeks surf tripping in a caravan of vans, we did not only develop the idea, but also wrote down our philosophy (spirit).

„Magical places due to special people“

We have met many interesting people on our travels. Some contacts just magically fell at our feet. On the other hand, surfing allows you to quickly meet a lot of like-minded people. We are very communicative and with an idea up our sleeves, opportunities quickly emerged. However, it is rare to find very special people in very special places. When the region also offers smooth waves, a breathtaking landscape, and magical vibes, you know that you have found a wonderful place, where everything just falls into place.

At all of these locations we have then created places where we are able to offer you very personal, qualitative and limited Surf & Yoga retreats. (Johnny and Ainsley Ocean were already the pioneers in Indonesia, whose surfing and yoga adventures we want to share with you now).

"Sustainable concept strengthens local community“

The Surf Spirit approach is also based on using the strengths of the local communities in conjunction with our concept. Most of the income then stays within the respective community. This opened up many doors for us and we are proud to integrate a sustainable concept for both parts in the Surf & Yoga world.

How did we find our locations?

Team & Future

Surf Spirit enables us today to live with our friends in a flexible and remote way thanks to the different locations. We now have a small Surf Spirit team in the background for the entire organisation. We are proud to say that our team still consists of our close friends with whom it all started on our adventures.

We will continue to search for the best locations in the world.
We discovered all of our previous locations through our travels. We can guarantee that every single destination is handpicked and has a place in our heart. Only the very special places become a surf spirit retreat.

Welcome to our Journey. Welcome to Surf Spirit!

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