Important information about the surf courses

The surf course participant confirms that he is suitable with regard to his surfing skills and his physical and health condition to participate in the surf course. Surf Spirit is under no obligation to examine or test in this regard. 

However, the instructors appointed by SURF SPIRIT are entitled to exclude participants from participation at any time if, in the reasonable opinion of an instructor, a participant is not suitable to participate in a course with regard to the above requirements. 

The participant is aware that he/she can be excluded from participation in the surf course if he/she does not follow the instructions of the instructors appointed by SURF SPIRIT or if he/she endangers himself/herself or third parties in any other way. 

The surf courses correspond to the valid announcement. Participation is at the participant's own responsibility, even if an instructor is on site.

The participation in surf courses requires a high degree of personal responsibility of the participant. 

The participant is aware that the instructor commissioned by SURF SPIRIT can change the courses with regard to the knowledge of all participants, in particular their technical surfing requirements, as well as due to unforeseen circumstances within the framework of the care and safety obligations incumbent upon him. The aforementioned unforeseen circumstances in the context of the surf courses include in particular, but not exclusively, extreme weather conditions or cancellation due to injury to a participant.

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